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Going away on holiday?

Burglars love it when we go on holiday.  It gives them all the time they need to make themselves at home, taking full use of your generous and unwitting hospitality! 

The police advise that the best way to prevent an unwanted guest is to a) don’t leave tell tale signs and b) make your home look like someone is living in it.

Social media is a great thing but don’t tell the world you’re going on holiday – or post fantastic shots of golden sands and shimmering seas whilst there. Even if your privacy settings are in place, are you sure you know and trust everyone in your network?
Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights and radio on when it goes dark. Install motion sensor lighting outside to add to the perception that someone’s in.
Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries.
Use the Royal Mail's 'keepsafe' service - they keep your mail for up to 2 months. Mail sitting on your doorstep is a sign that you are away.
Install a visible monitored alarm, which instantly notifies a nominated keyholder and the police if there’s been a break-in.
Tell neighbours you’re away and ask them to keep an eye out – better still ask them to water your plants at the same time!
Ask a neighbour to park their car on your drive while you’re away.

See the following products to give peace of mind while away

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