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Chatham Maritime Trust

A CCTV update fit for the 21st century 

The Client

Chatham Maritime Trust is a registered charity and the guardian of the Chatham Maritime Estate. The existing CCTV system had been in place for many years and was beginning to age.

The Challenge

The control equipment, having been part of the original system was in the process of being phased out by the manufacturer. Given the importance of the CCTV system for the Trust, they recognised the fact that to ensure it continued to function fully for years to come, there would be the need to replace the control equipment.

Chatham Maritime Trust asked Red Alert to source a system that would meet all of their expectations, provide a cost effective solution whilst recommending a system that was reliable, using the latest in technology, but user friendly. Also a key factor was the need for the system to be able to accommodate both the existing Analogue cameras and any new IP cameras potentially added in the future. Thus futureproofing the system for the Trust.

The Solution

After exploring several opportunities, Red Alert presented a solution from the manufacturers Pelco, to the Trust. Careful planning involving the Trust’s onsite security team, then preceded the installation. Additional security patrols were put in place whilst the system was being upgraded to ensure that safety and security was not compromised.

The installation was completed on time, with minimal disruption, with the security team now getting to grips with the operation of the new system, a system that will serve the Tenants and Residents of Chatham Maritime for years to come.

Red Alert have also installed a series of Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras on the site. These cameras not only provide valuable information on vehicle movements, for example stolen vehicles, speeding vehicles, but also provide the Trust with data on the amount of vehicles using the roads. This assists with budgeting for maintenance and repairs.

Red Alert Security Solutions used at
Chatham Maritime Trust


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